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Brown Eyes

Hybrid Stain Brows 

Sure! Here's a description for a website promoting hybrid stain brow products:

"Welcome to our world of Hybrid Stain Brows, where innovation meets beauty for your eyebrows! Our revolutionary hybrid stain brow products combine the best of both worlds - the defining power of a tint and the volumizing effect of a filler - to give you flawless brows that last.

Our hybrid stain brow formula delivers rich, natural-looking color that enhances your brows while filling in sparse areas for a fuller appearance. With superior longevity, our stain products withstand sweat, water, and daily wear, ensuring your brows stay perfect all day long. Achieve the coveted natural look effortlessly with our easy-to-use hybrid stain brow products. Whether you're a makeup pro or a novice, our products offer seamless application for beautifully defined brows in minutes.

Explore our range of hybrid stain brow solutions and discover the secret to effortless, long-lasting brow perfection. Elevate your eyebrow game with Hybrid Stain Brows today!" at the Royal College of Necwatsle Skin Therapies. 

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Course Details

Duration: 1 Day 

Day and evening classes available. 

Times and Location will be sent to students upon enrolling.

Cost $500.00 +GST

Please contact us for all enquiries.

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